WFOT 2018 Pre Congress Workshops

The Pre Congress workshops will be held on Monday 21 May 2018 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Please register your attendance via the online registration form (to open shortly).

To view the costs for the Pre Congress workshops, please click here.

9am - 12.30pm Team-based learning as a teaching method in Occupational Therapy
Sok Mui, May Lim
9am - 12.30pm Applying the Process of Meaning Perspectives Transformation Model in Occupational Therapy: where does my client stand?
Claire-Jehanne Dubouloz, Judy King
9am - 12.30pm Cross-cultural assessment of cognitive strategy application during occupational performance: The Perceive, Recall, Plan & Perform System of Task Analysis - Assessment
Judy Ranka, Esther Steultjens
9am - 12.30pm Administration and Interpretation of the Structured Observations of Sensory Integration (SOSI) and their application in contemporary sensory integration intervention
Gustavo Reinoso
9am - 12.30pm Complementary and Alternative Medicine and its Impact on Occupational Therapy
Franklin Stein
9am - 12.30pm Preparing Occupational Therapy Students to Provide Innovative Community-Based Experiences for Adolescents and Adults on the Autism Spectrum
Linsey Smith, Charlotte Exner
9am - 12.30pm Ubuntourism: Encounters with Historical Origins and Evolution of White Privilege
Frank Kronenberg
12.30pm - 1.30pm Please note that lunch is not provided as part of the Pre Congress Workshops
1.30pm - 5pm Emerging trends and future directions in occupational therapy educational research
Aliki Thomas, Rosemary Lysaght
1.30pm - 5pm Creating Meaningful Partnerships with Families
Liat Gafni Lachter, Naomi Josman
1.30pm - 5pm Getting and Keeping Children "On Track" in Feeding
Tania Stegen-Hanson
1.30pm - 5pm Discover the power of meaningful activity: Improve the quality of life and reduce non preferred behaviors in individuals with Dementia
Janet Wright
1.30pm - 5pm Implementation Science for all: challenges and solutions
Leeanne Carey, Natasha Lannin
1.30pm - 5pm Making M.E.R.I. Workshop - A participatory approach to program planning, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement in community based practice
Kerry Thomas
1.30pm - 5pm Occupational therapy role opportunities in primary care: An international exploration
Catherine Donnelly, Leanne Leclair